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Can I invest with bitcoin?

Yes, you can invest with bitcoin thanks to our platform's integration with TripleA.

What is bitcoin a.k.a. BTC?

Hol' up! If you're new to bitcoin, we recommend that you read up extensively first before starting to use it, as it is a relatively new and unstable financial instrument, and there are many risks involved in addition to the opportunities. You can start with the excellent open-source bitcoin.org website.

What is TripleA?

TripleA is a company, founded in Singapore, that provides the cryptocurrency payment technology services enabling BTC payments to Cropital.

Is there a BTC-denominated Cropital wallet or investment option?

No, Cropital account wallets and farm investments are still Philippine peso (PHP)-denominated. BTC is converted to PHP as you top-up (‘cash-in’) to your Cropital wallet.

What do I need to know about BTC–PHP exchange rates?

The BTC-PHP exchange rate is set at the moment when you make a request on our platform to add funds to your wallet through bitcoin, and then guaranteed for 25 minutes to give you time to complete the transaction. You can check the exchange rates in real time on TripleA's reference page.

Because Cropital accounts and investments are PHP-denominated, investors will inevitably incur exchange gains or losses relative to BTC. Both outcomes—net gain or net loss—are possible and can be especially pronounced due to bitcoin's volatility. It is the investor's responsibility to weigh the risks and opportunities, and Cropital will not be liable for any losses, real or potential.

Can I withdraw BTC from my Cropital wallet?

We're currently only offering the ability to top-up (‘cash-in’ to) Cropital accounts using bitcoin. We're looking into offering bitcoin as a withdrawal (‘cash out’) option in the future, but we are not guaranteeing if or when this will be available.

Are bitcoin transactions with Cropital private?

TripleA's system implements the best practice of utilizing unique addresses for receiving different payments. Each payment request you make through the Cropital platform generates a new bitcoin address for you to send your funds to.

At the same time, however, both Cropital and TripleA comply with government regulations, especially those related to anti-money laundering. Bitcoin payments for Cropital are linked with certain proof-of-identity information such as names, email addresses, and IP addresses. Additionally, once higher-value thresholds (per-transaction and monthly aggregates) are reached, additional supporting documents will be requested from Cropital investors before the transactions are allowed to proceed. Both Cropital and TripleA are committed to safeguarding the privacy of any such data collected.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Determine how much you want to add to your Cropital wallet in Philippine pesos (PHP).
    • You can estimate the equivalent amount that will be requested in BTC with the help of this exchange rates reference page.
    • Take into account the service fee: a small fee of approximately 0.8% will be automatically added on top of the amount you wish to add to your wallet. You do not need to compute for this, it will be calculated for you as you are redirected to TripleA's payment form, you just need to be mindful of the total amount that will be charged.
  2. Go to the Add Funds Via Bitcoin form →, enter the amount you wish to add to your wallet (do not include the service fee), and click on the Add Funds button.
  3. You will be redirected to TripleA's payment gateway.
    • On your first bitcoin payment request, you will be asked to enter your legal name, for personal identification purposes as required by regulations. Depending on the amount requested (per transaction and also on a monthly aggregate basis), you might be required to provide supporting documents. This process only needs to be completed once (at each level) for the same Cropital account.
    • If you have already fulfilled the personal identification requirements, you will be shown the payment form indicating the total amount you need to pay in BTC (service fee included), and the address you need to send your bitcoins to. A QR code will also be provided for convenience, and you can then pay with your preferred bitcoin app or software.
  4. The form will display a confirmation of your payment after the system detects your transaction in the blockchain. In most cases, this takes place only a few seconds after you have broadcast your BTC payment (i.e. the TripleA payment system does not wait for full blockchain confirmations before accepting your payments.) You will be redirected back to the Cropital platform.
  5. You will also receive an email confirmation of your payment. If you have outstanding farm/campaign pledges that can now be fulfilled with the newly-added funds, the Cropital platform will also automatically process those, and you will receive additional email confirmations.

Important notes

  • Pay at least the amount in bitcoin indicated on the payment form to avoid a “short” payment. A bitcoin payment request can only be credited to your Cropital account once at least the required amount in BTC (as shown on TripleA's form) is paid.
  • If you have to, you can pay the total required amount using more than one BTC transaction.
    • For example, if the payment form indicates a total amount of 0.00380082 BTC, you can pay with two transactions worth 0.0015 and 0.00230082 BTC.
    • This is not advisable as you might incur higher bitcoin network fees in total.
    • Do not add send any more funds to the payment address once you have met the required total amount, as the overpayment may not be credited to your Cropital account.
  • Each payment request has a guaranteed (locked) exchange rate for 25 minutes, after which the payment form expires.